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Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£2569 / $3199 / 2744€)
The ICE Adventure is perfect for relaxed riding; it has a higher seat than other ICE trikes which makes it easy to get in and out and gives a great vantage point to view the trails ahead.
Rider weight limit 275lbs / 125kg


Adventure HD

Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£2606 / $3341 / 2811€)
The ICE Adventure HD is a stronger version of the Adventure model. Designed with larger riders in mind; it features a tougher frame, wider seat and wider cockpit to suit larger riders.
Rider weight limit 330 lbs/ 150 kg


Full Fat

Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£3857 / $4828 / 4222€)
The ICE Full Fat was derived from Maria Leierstam’s record breaking Antarctic expedition trike. It features fat tyres and high ground clearance to give it the capability to go anywhere.
Rider weight limit of 275 lbs/125 kg.


Sprint X Tour

Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£2637 / $3293 / 2826€)
The ICE Sprint X Tour is the ultimate long distance tourer and commuter; it features a lower seat height for great cornering stability, tough wheels and a huge range of accessories for world tourers and local explorers.
Rider weight limit 275lbs / 125kg


Sprint X

Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£3158 / $3884 / 3386€)
The ICE Sprint X is probably the fastest folding trike in the world, sharing DNA with the Sprint X tour and the VTX it allows riders to go fast without sacrificing folding, suspension and light touring ability.
Rider weight limit of 230 lbs/104kg with hardshell seat.



Guide price (depending on options chosen) (£3519 / $4250 / 3697€)
The ICE VTX is the fastest trike in the world, ridden by ICE rider Matthew Le Ruez to victory at the 2018 HPVRA World Championships it is an all-out speed machine featuring a race tuned and proven frame, race wheelset and a super low and reclined rider position it is race ready out of the box.
Rider weight limit 230lbs/ 104kg